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The Yucky Job of a Qualified Plumber – Why Would Anyone Want It?

Have you ever wondered what a qualified plumber in Dade County FL makes? Most people complain, stating plumbers make more than business executives. At about $50,000 a year for a plumber in training, yes, I guess you could say  a qualified Miami plumber …

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Dishwasher or Plumbing Problems? – Troubleshooting Tips

A dishwasher can be a blessing. You don’t have to spend time washing your dishes by hand. Your skin and hands don’t dry out from using so many harsh detergents.  And best of all, you save time. But what happens …

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Plumber Tools You Shouldn’t Live Without

Regardless if you’re getting rid of a clog in your kitchen sink; repairing a bathroom faucet or replacing a shower head, you’ll need essential plumber tools that will make the job easier for you! Doing DIY plumbing requires not only …